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Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 – Fraser Glen 小区

Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 买房

Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 – Fraser Glen小区应该是台湾村的鼻祖了,台湾村的名气就来自于这个小区。


总体而然,小区西侧的房子占地比小区东侧的房子小。不过也差不了多少。这是一个非常成熟的小区,绿化、小学、前后院漂漂亮亮,没什么可挑剔的。Fraser Wood 小学就在社区的正中心。读书极其便捷。

Fraser Heights – Fraser Glen is the subdivision that started it all and made Fraser Heights famous! This district started in 1984, and now there are about 500 independent villas around. Most houses are 2,000 square feet of interior space, four bedrooms upstairs. Most houses are without a basement, but some houses do have basements.

However, small quantities only. Overall houses on the ​​west side of the green belt have small lots in comparison to the houses on the east side. But the difference is not that huge though. This is a very mature neighborhood.

There is anything to complain or worry about living in this area. Fraser Wood Elementary School is located just at the center of this area. Schooling is extremely convenient.

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