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Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 – Abbey Glen 小区 (PA 私立学校)

Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 买房

Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 – Abbey Glen 小区 (PA 私立学校)。华人比较重视下一代的教育,尽其所能为下一代争取更好的教育机会,如果你的孩子要参加PA(Pacific Academy)学校的话,这是一个非常适合您的社区。



Abbey Glen (Pacific Academy). More emphasis on the next generation of Chinese education, doing everything possible for the next generation to fight for better educational opportunities, if your child wants to participate in PA (Pacific Academy) school, then it is a good fit for your community.

All homes here can easily walk to the PA, located in 102 public elementary Bothwell Street is also within walking distance to. Community of winding streets and houses unique design are Chinese favorites. This community is established since 1992 and then slowly matured together. Most houses have a lot of ​​7,000 square feet and finished area of ​​about 2500 square feet.

Some houses in the east of 170A street has a lot as big as ​​half an acre. Good for bringing a family or investment.

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