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Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 – Falcon Heights 小区

Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 买房

Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 – Falcon Heights 小区 在168街(street)和104街(avenue)的十字路口有一个小小社区购物中心。Falcon Heights就位于这个十字路口的东北角。

小区的主出口在105街和168 街。这个区的公立小学是Bothwell Elementary, 中学也是Fraser Heights Secondary. Bothwell Elementary位于102街, 也非常近。如果孩子上Pacific Academic,这个小区非常合适。

There is a small crossroads community shopping center at 168 Street (street) and 104 Street (avenue). Falcon Heights is located in the northeast corner of this intersection. The main entrance to this area is found at 105th avenue and 168 street.

This neighborhood merges with the Newfield Gate subdivision which is just a little farther down the hill to the East. The elementary school for both of these neighbourhoods is Bothwell Elementary located on 102 avenue which is nearby. The public high school is Fraser Heights Secondary. This is a good location for you if the kids go to Pacific Academy as it is close by.

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