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Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 – Fraser Ridge 小区

Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 买房

Fraser Heights 素里台湾村 Fraser Ridge 小区是Fraser Heights 最昂贵的小区。欢迎您!它座落在112街以北。这里的房子占地基本半英亩,室内一般在5000-6000平方英尺的范围,配有地下室和三车库,景色也非常美丽。小学是Erma Elementary, 中学是Fraser Heights。房子绝对漂亮,景色没得说。

Fraser Ridge is the most expensive area in Fraser Heights. It is located at north of 112 Street. The houses here covers basic half-acre, indoor general in the range of 5000-6000 square feet, with a basement and three garages, the scenery is very beautiful. The nearest elementary school is Erma Elementary and middle school is Fraser Heights.

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